Choosing an engine oil for your fleet can get confusing. With Mack® EOS-4.5 engine oil, your decision is much easier.

Mack EOS-4.5 engine oil offers greater performance, engine protection and durability than older American Petroleum Institute (API) CJ-4 engine oils, including Mack EO-O Premium Plus oil. Available in both 10W-30 and 15W-40 formulations, Mack Engine Oil EOS-4.5 has been tested and proven to provide:

  • 20 percent better wear protection for engine components
  • 50 percent better resistance to oxidation under extreme conditions
  • 80 percent better high-temperature viscosity control
  • 20 percent longer drain interval for 2011 model year and newer Mack engines
Mack engine oil includes propriety additive technology to ensure optimum performance in all Mack engines. Their formulations outperform all EOS-4.5 engine oils on the market and meet the emissions requirements of all North American diesel engine manufacturers, which is why we’ve made Mack EOS- 4.5 our factory fill engine oil.

Even if your fleet isn’t an all-Mack fleet, you can still simplify stocking and extend change intervals by using Mack EOS-4.5 engine oil. Mack EOS-4.5 10W-30 and 15W-40 oil can be used anywhere API CK-4 oil is recommended. Plus, they’re backward compatible with CJ-4 engine oil, which means they can be used with a wide range of on-highway emissions reduction technologies, including:
  • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
  • Diesel particulate filters (DPF)
  • Diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC)
  • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR)

Have You Switched to Mack EOS-4.5?

Recommended drain intervals for Mack EOS-4.5 engine oil range from 35,000 to 60,000 miles, depending on engine, application and idle time. These longer intervals can eliminate four to 16 oil drains over the life of a Mack truck and save fleet owners hundreds of dollars each year per vehicle.

Mack engine oils are only available through the Mack dealer network. So contact your local dealer today to learn more about Mack EOS-4.5 engine oil and which Mack oil option is best to meet the needs of your fleet.


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