Waste Masters Solutions is a regional commercial and recycling operation that has grown by being focused on service and performance in the Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. It’s a hard-working operation that requires rugged equipment able to maneuver in tight corners and alleys. Waste Masters owner Brian Simmons says the company depends on Mack® trucks to deliver the high level of service his customers expect and to meet environmental goals while improving the bottom line. “It’s a partnership with long bloodlines and deep roots,” Simmons says.

Waste Masters serves commercial and industrial customers, collecting solid waste and recyclables both onsite and in-plant. Twelve front-loading Mack TerraPro® trucks perform the heavy lifting, operating 10 hours a day, six days a week, and together averaging more than a staggering 43,000 lifts per month.

The TerraPros are spec’d with 11-liter Mack MP®7 355 hp engines, Allison transmissions and 1,260 lb.-ft of torque.

Simmons recently ordered two additional Mack TerraPro models, citing the benefits of durability, maneuverability and driver comfort.

“The Macks do great at our operation, from maintenance to safety,” Simmons says. “We could not ask for a better piece of equipment. They’re very efficient and easy to get around, with a tight turning radius in and out of alleys and container enclosures — that makes a big difference for us.”

Waste Master drivers are also pleased with the maneuverability and visibility in newer models. They like the extra legroom, which adds to comfort and ease of maneuverability. A comfortable driving experience contributes to less turnover and safer operations.

“When we can operate safely and efficiently, that’s what the drivers like,” Brian Simmons says.

"And, as an owner, I like that as well.”

He also appreciates the durability and low maintenance associated with the TerraPros. Waste Masters handles the majority of its own maintenance, and the fleet seldom requires anything beyond routine upkeep. “These trucks get abused daily, and they take it and keep on running,” Simmons says.

The company is well-known in its area and has several marquee accounts, including the Philadelphia Eagles football operations and Dover International Speedway. The Eagles generate an average of 850 tons of waste per year, but with Waste Masters’ help, and through a concerted effort to recycle and compost, they have been able to divert 99 percent of that waste from landfills. At Dover Downs, Waste Masters Solutions introduced color-coded recycling bins, making it easier for the speedway, hotel and casino patrons to recycle.

“We pride ourselves on being the industry leader for service,” Simmons says. “That’s how we grew, and that’s how we continue to grow."

Waste Masters’ focus on uptime is a critical factor toward their customer service and satisfaction goals.

“We can depend on Mack’s heavy-duty, reliable equipment to keep the operation running,” says Joe Jacoby, business development manager at Bergey’s Truck Centers.

“You can’t kill a Mack truck; they’re practically bulletproof,” Jacoby says.

“Bergey’s is a great support system for us, from their sales department to their maintenance and parts departments,” Simmons says. “We have a great relationship with them, from top to bottom. They do a very good job servicing our account.”

Waste Masters’ pride in the fleet is evident, from keeping the black and viper red trucks clean to showing them off in photos on their social media pages. In fact, a photo, uploaded by in-plant services director Michael Alamorian, was posted on Facebook and created such a stir that Alamorian decided to enter it into Mack’s calendar contest. To his surprise, the photo won.

Both Simmons and Alamorian have a longstanding affection and loyalty to the Mack brand.

Simmons’ father ran a Mack fleet in his waste management business, and he learned to drive a front-loader in the driver’s seat of one of his father’s 1979 MB Macks.

“I started out on the back of the trash truck, working in the shop, washing the trucks and changing tires,” Simmons said. “I learned my way from the back of the truck to under the truck to the driver’s seat. I was comfortable with them, I knew how well they performed.”

Alamorian says he has been fascinated with Mack trucks since childhood when he rode his bike to a local trucking company to look at the trucks. Later, he got a job washing, waxing and polishing the all-Mack fleet. He progressed to driving a Mack and never looked back. Now, he’s eager to enter the calendar contest again with a new Mack.


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